Um... what?

This is an actual quote from an real email I received from PayPal, a financial institution owned and operated by eBay, the international online auction place of choice:

Your application has been approved! Have activate the PayPal Debit Card as soon as it arrives.

can use it to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide or to shop anywhere [Mastercard (they used the logo image)] is accepted.You can turn off your child’s card from your account at any time.

Have activate? When did "activate" become a product? Wait, doesn't Wal-Mart sell that?

can use it? Who can use it? Why would they want to?

When did I say the card was for a child? What are you saying about my wife?

Wait, this is from PayPal? I know it is, but I had to forward it to their fake-email investigators at spoof@paypal.com. This was just too sad to leave alone.

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